Sharon E., Toronto

"I was at least 30lbs overweight on my medium-sized 5'6” frame.  I never dreamed I could take it off as I had tried every method available before I met Penny and started The No-Crave Diet."

"I had joined Weight Watchers at least 4 times, ONLY to quit in frustration, signed up & paid for Dr. Bernstein and hired one of the best nutritionists in the city who only became frustrated and sent me to a hypnotist.  I spent lots of money on diet & exercise books - I have at least 35 in my library.  I also tried Jenny Craig, Herbal Life & Nutrisystem, hired a personal trainer who I saw 3 x per week at $80 per hour and lastly tried acupuncture to help my cravings."

"Frustrated and still unable to make it through the day without a cookie mid-afternoon, Penny helped me understand how hormonal imbalance and stress contributed to my cravings and inability to lose weight. Finally, the mystery and biochemistry behind what was happening to my brain and body was being solved."

"With my hormones under control, my cravings stopped almost immediately and I dropped almost 30 lbs in three months! In addition to the weight loss, I am also sleeping better and have more energy than I have in years.  To me, it was a miracle as I struggled with the 30+ lbs for SEVEN years!"

"I am obviously very grateful. I am in control and feel as though I have a new lease on life."

"Thank you, Penny...I think you're amazing!"

- Sharon E., Toronto

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