Jane Flanagan, CanWest Media

"I recently finished The No-Crave Diet 8-week program. An experienced and jaded dieter, I was looking for a real, non-fad solution. As a vegetarian, I also presented a challenge to any diet regime."

"The No-Crave program works from a dietary standpoint: I lost 25lbs in 8 weeks. Moreover, it also helped me, a workaholic career-girl, manage my stressful world. Now, I'm calm and more effective in my daily tasks because I'm not carrying stressful baggage."

"I learned a lot from this book. The explanations are so complete and logical, it's a no-brainer to change your habits. There are many diets out there, some with contradictory and seemingly arbitrary rules. But The No-Crave Diet fully explains everything it advocates, so you know why you're doing everything and that it will work. This knowledge proved to be my biggest motivator."

"Having become stuck in a stress-reward cycle, I've finally found my balance. I don't feel deprived or like I'm dying to be done this diet. It's a cliche that we shouldn't diet, we should relearn how to eat. But that's precisely what the No-Crave program has helped me to do."

- Jane Flanagan, CanWest Media (www.janeflanagan.ca)

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