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Spring 2009
New York Daily News January 2009

"Eating low-fat doesn't have to be high cost with these superfoods"


Fall 2008
HELLO! Canada

"Conquer the craving - Lose weight and banish bad eating habits by sticking to three meals a day"

Fall 2008
Elle Canada

"10 ways to beat a craving"


Spring 2008
Beyond Fitness

"Temptation Therapy - 10 Quick Steps to Beat Food Cravings"

June 2008
Flare Magazine

"The No Crave Diet will help you balance your metabolism, meaning you'll get a hold on your snack attacks and get off that emotional-eating roller-coaster once and for all."

April 2008
She Magazine

"Endless energy and no cravings..."

"..after a couple of days the hunger really started to wane as my hormones rebalanced and I stopped counting the minutes until my next meal."

"This diet is perfect for anyone who has a weakness for carbs and snacking."

February 2008
New Magazine

"Say goodbye to cravings ..."

January 21, 2008
Time Magazine, New York, USA

The No-Crave diet is featured in Time Magazine's "10 Notable Diet Books of 2008".

"Food cravings can sink the most determined dieter. The causes of cravings are myriad and include stress and troubling emotions, irresistible foods and overly restrictive diets. The key to starving off cravings is eating three meals a day with no snacks."

January 9, 2008
CHCH Television - Global TV - Toronto, Canada

Steve and Penny make the 5:30 news. CHCH Toronto features the No-Crave Diet as they take a look at fighting food cravings.

January 8, 2008
Daily Telegraph, London UK

The Daily Telegraph writes an article on The No-Crave diet entitled, "Keep those cravings at bay".

January 8, 2008
Breakfast Television - City TV - Toronto, Canada

Penny livens things up the morning during a feature on the popular Toronto show Breakfast Television.

January 8, 2008
Chris Evans Show - BBC Radio 2, London UK

Penny discusses the No-Crave Diet with London radio host Chris Evans on BBC Radio 2.

January 8, 2008
Global News - Global TV - Toronto, Canada

The Global News talks with Steve and Penny about The No-Crave Diet, during a Family Health segment entitled Curbing Cravings.

January 7, 2008
Daily Telegraph, London UK

The Daily Telegraph writes an article on The No-Crave diet entitled, "Are you craving a new start?"