Oprah says: “How did I let this happen again?”

Oprah’s words, “How did I let this happen again”, are ones I hear frequently from new patients. There is a sense of disappointment that all their previous hard work has been undone. When patients lose weight they feel a sense of empowerment, determination, strength and a control over their body. When weight returns these feelings are replaced with disbelief, failure and despair and a sense they are no longer in control.

Why has this “happened again”? Why has that weight returned? 3 reasons:

It is certainly possible to lose weight without achieving the above three goals, but unless they are addressed that weight is likely to come back.

Food cravings result from disturbance of both the neurochemical pathways of the brain associated with hunger, satiety and reward, and resistance to signals from the body that let you know you’ve had enough, notably insulin and leptin.

Metabolic disruption caused by previous poor dietary choices leads to insulin and leptin resistance, limited ability to access fat stores and increased storage of calories as fat.

Stress negatively affects both cravings and metabolism, enhancing the dysfunction already present. In addition, it can induce a sub-clinical hypothyroid state by preventing the formation of active thyroid hormone, leading to lethargy, fatigue and weight gain.

My approach – The No-Crave Diet

I developed the No-Crave Diet for all those patients that come to see me not wanting to keep “having it happen again”. Most of them have tried at least three different diets with varying degrees of success but the same final story. The battle lost against recurrent cravings and a gradual return to old habits and old weight.

The No-Crave Diet works by addressing the chemistry behind cravings, the same chemistry that prevents them using food as fuel or burning off their fat stores. The same chemistry in fact that, over time, leads to diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Until you change that chemistry your brain will always make you feel like you’re missing out, always trying hard to diet, always battling against your favourite snack.

My patients love the No-Crave Diet because it lets them lose weight and regain control over their body and their brain. Once the retraining phase is complete they can relax into a healthy varied diet, eating foods they want without worrying that they will spiral back out of control. Most lose their cravings within a few days and thereafter no longer feel they are “suffering” on a diet.

The No-Crave Diet addresses cravings, disordered metabolism and stress, permanently! So there’s no “doing it all again”!