Why controlling food cravings is the new direction in weight loss

The No-Crave Diet, a mixture of dietary and lifestyle changes, will enable you to lose weight without all these unpleasant side effects normally associated with dieting. Previous diet plans have relied solely on calories or food types, but the No-Crave plan is based on research into how the brain controls our hunger, research that has shown us which biological processes make it so difficult to resist cheating, so difficult to make rational food choices and stay faithful to a weight-loss program. No diet can be effective if you cannot stick to it. But by countering the biological processes that make us crave the wrong foods, the No-Crave plan will actually make it easy for you to stay with your diet. You will no longer be tempted to snack or cheat simply because you will no longer be overwhelmed by the craving urge.

The plan incorporates all the things that affect our ability to lose weight – not only the nutritional ones but also biological and psychological reasons that previous diet plans haven’t taken into account. Patients come to my clinic in desperation because they can’t stick to a diet, whichever one they try. No matter how effective a diet may be in theory, in practice it doesn’t work because individuals cannot remain faithful to it. But once on the No-Crave plan 90 per cent of my patients notice a significant reduction in their food cravings within 48 hours, and they lose on average two pounds per week. This simple plan can be used as a diet in its own right or as an aid to any existing diet. And apart from banishing your cravings there are many other benefits. By altering the processes that cause your cravings you will automatically be switching your metabolism to fat-burning rather than fat-storing mode. And there are multiple health benefits.

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