Food cravings are the reason we cheat on our diet. They are responsible for everything from nibbling on a tasty snack to succumbing to the chocolate cheesecake at the end of an otherwise perfectly healthy meal. Food cravings are all about reward, making you feel good in the short term but inevitably bad in the long run. Diets are, in general, not renowned for making you feel particularly buoyant, so not surprisingly you crave a treat once in a while. The harder you diet, the stronger the cravings. You know you don’t really need that snack but the little voice in your head is telling you just one can’t hurt. You concoct excuses to justify it and eventually you give in: the start of a slippery slope, down which your diet slides away. But food cravings and that voice in your head have nothing to do with you needing more calories. They are just messages from your brain, tricking you into providing it with a reward. Your brain wants to feel good – and who can blame it! Whenever the going gets a little tough – a stressful event, an emotional crisis or even a new diet – it remembers those tasty treats and conditions you to hunt them out. With The No-Crave Diet you understand these cravings and learn to recognize their causes so you can counteract them. By satisfying the brain in other ways you can actually turn off its little voice and follow your diet without suffering.

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