It’s estimated that 80 per cent of diets fail because people give in to food cravings. Whatever weight-loss plan you follow the desire to snack invariably overwhelms even the most ardent and determined dieter. It starts with just the one chip and before long the diet you were on is a distant memory and any weight lost is regained. That little voice tempting you to cheat is a powerful force, not only giving you food cravings but finding excuses and toying with your emotions, making you feel tired, even unwell, grouchy or depressed, wearing you down until you find yourself snacking, grazing or making a midnight trip to the fridge!

But what if you could silence that voice, banish those cravings and unpleasant feelings of hunger? Suddenly your diet would become painless. You would no longer dread each day, hoping one less pound on the scales will justify the suffering. Instead, because you would no longer be constantly tempted to cheat by having a snack, the pounds would come off and you could stick to your diet until you decided to stop. And what if you discovered that the same factors causing you to experience these food cravings were also inhibiting your ability to burn fat? Well, it’s true: and with The No-Crave Diet, by addressing one problem you automatically fix the other.

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